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The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group


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We Fight For Your Future After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Car, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents cause significant injuries. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, motor vehicle accidents are the third-leading cause of death by injury. Even the safest drivers and passengers are at risk when on the road.

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How Connecticut Courts Determine Who Is At Fault

In Connecticut, you can recover damages from a personal injury lawsuit, even if you contributed to an accident.
When the Connecticut courts decide who is responsible for the damages caused in a motor vehicle accident, they look at a principle called “comparative fault.” Comparative fault looks for the party that contributed the most to an accident. If the responsible party was at least 51% responsible for the accident, they are liable for damages.
You Should Call an Auto Accident Lawyer Following Any Motor Vehicle Accident.

The Compensation You May Recover

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and have suffered serious injuries, you may be entitled to receive compensation for many of the resulting financial burdens, including:

  • Emergency room visits, surgical procedures and immediate care needs
  • Doctor appointments, physical therapy, pain management treatment and other care
  • Wages lost during recovery and, in the case of permanent disability, living expenses
  • Permanent injury or impairment
  • Physical, emotional and mental damages

Our Connecticut auto accident attorneys can help you determine what expenses your ideal settlement should cover. We can answer your personal injury questions.

How We Can Help You

An experienced Connecticut auto accident lawyer knows the statute of limitations for your accident and will file your case at the most advantageous time to advance your claims. In most negligence cases, the time limit to file suit in Connecticut is 2 years. If the defendant’s conduct was intentional, the statute of limitations may be as long as 3 years.

A personal injury and auto accident lawyer also knows how to place a monetary value on your injuries, ensuring you gain the best chances for maximum compensation. We become your most vocal advocate when we go up against insurance companies. If there were other parties involved, we shield you from their lawyers.

If someone involved in the accident attempts to contact you or a lawyer calls and starts asking questions, you can politely decline to respond and refer them to the team at The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group.  Be careful not to involve yourself in those conversations; insurance companies will later use what you’ve said against you. Read More: The Personal Injury Right to Remain Silent

Why Hire The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group?

With nearly forty years of combined legal experience, The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group dedicates itself to helping people injured in car accidents. We know the pain and worries that you’re struggling with and, and how to ensure your claims gain the best possible chances for success. When you hire our firm, you’re teaming up with experienced victim advocates against big insurance companies. We are a powerful ally both in and out of the courtroom.

We offer personal and professional representation for cases across the state of Connecticut, helping our clients:

● Establish liability: We’ll conduct independent investigations to prove fault in an accident.
● Negotiate claims: If settling is what is best for you and your family, we fight for every dollar.
● Resolve cases: Whether through a settlement or we go to court, we’ll see your case to the end.
● Recover damages: We fight to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.


"My parents hired The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group to represent me due to an automobile accident. Prior to this, I had never needed any legal counsel and was very nervous. From the moment I walked into the firm, I was treated with such respect, kindness and knowledge of the law and how it applied to my situation. Attorney Maddox and his team became more than just my legal team; they became my family. There was not a day that passed where, they did not display the kind of courtesy and professionalism one could only dream of. Thanks to Attorney Maddox and his team, I am able to move on from this experience with my head held high. If I could do it all over again, without a doubt The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group would be my first and only choice. My family and I are forever grateful for their services and their talent in practicing law the right way."

Maurheen B.

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The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group

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