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The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group


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Providing Reliable Help When You Have a Serious Injury

Serious accidents and injuries are traumatic events that frequently lead to a lengthy recovery – and to mounting medical expenses, challenges dealing with your insurance companies and frustrations proving who or what was at fault. Our experienced Connecticut personal injury attorneys fight on your behalf so you can get the compensation you deserve and put your life back on track.

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When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Whether there were other drivers involved or it was just your vehicle, you should speak to a qualified attorney right away. Connecticut places a strict statute of limitations on claims. With the backing of an experienced personal injury law firm, you can increase your chances of recovering the compensation you are entitled to receive.

You should call a lawyer following any motor accident, especially one involving:

Serious Injuries

If you or a passenger in your vehicle received injuries or died, you need representation.

Automobile Defects

Faulty airbags, brakes and other manufacturer defects can lead to injuries.

At-Fault Issues

Call us if you think the police report is incorrect about who was at fault in your accident.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are known for fighting back on claims, and we go after them for everything you deserve.

How We Can Help You

An experienced Connecticut auto accident lawyer knows the statute of limitations for your accident and will file your case at the most advantageous time to advance your claims. In most negligence cases, the time limit to file suit in Connecticut is 2 years; an experienced auto accident lawyer will file your case at the most advantageous time to advance your claims. In most negligence cases, the time limit to file suit in Connecticut is 2 years. If the defendant’s conduct was intentional, the statute of limitations may be as long as 3 years.

A personal injury lawyer also knows how to place a monetary value on your injuries, ensuring you gain the best chances for maximum compensation. They become your most vocal victim advocate with medical and auto insurance companies. If there were other parties involved, your attorney shields you from their lawyers.

If someone involved in the accident attempts to contact you or a lawyer calls and starts asking questions, you can politely decline to respond and refer them to your lawyer. They are very likely trying to persuade you into accepting even partial fault, allowing them to file suit against you.

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Why Hire The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group?

With nearly 40 years of combined experience, The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group specializes in helping people injured in car accidents. We know the time limits you’re facing, and how to ensure your claims gain the best possible chances for success. When you hire our firm, you’re teaming up with experienced victim advocates against big insurance companies, and a powerful ally in the courtroom.

We offer personal and professional representation for cases across the state of Connecticut, helping our clients:

  • Establish liability: We’ll conduct independent investigations to prove fault in an accident.
  • Negotiate claims: We negotiate with all the involved insurance companies for a fair payment.
  • Resolve cases: Whether through a settlement or we go to court, we’ll see your case through.
  • Recover damages: We fight to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

"Matthew's law firm is very diligent, professional and on point with the work that they do. Matthew makes it easy for you to feel at ease no matter the situation. His firm offers a great line of communication and both he and his staff are assessable if and when needed. If you are looking for someone to get the work done right, Matthew is your guy!"

Aneceia D.

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The Connecticut Auto Accident Law Group

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